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Dining the Meze Way!

Dining the Meze way in Cyprus, prepare yourself!   As I am about to end the day, after going through the shops in Ledra (post to be followed). I am looking forward to a hearty dinner since I only had a tiropita (cheese pie) and kafe to start that day.   In the old center area of Lefkosia, we headed to this taverna. So are you ready for a meze? I asked what is this? and I just heard chuckles. But since I am up for anything and I am a dedicated food lover. My eyes and appetite are glowing with anticipation.   Getting inside I notice white and blue paints and photo frames on the walls. Looking around the diners I see several tiny dishes of variety. We get comfortable on our table and so the dinner begins. Starters, 1, 2, 3 tiny dishes and oh there’s more! 4..5..6…Hey, eat slowly 7..8…9..10 Yes 10 starters! And so the plates keep on flowing with traditional Cypriot dishes! – halloumi cheese, sausages, sheftalia (one of my favorites) souvlaki, liver, pork, and yes snails!; mushrooms and so on. We had roze wine to accompany the meal. It was about 24 plates when I declared surrender. For finale some sweets, fresh fruits, and tea/coffee.   So what is meze? Well, it seems like serving dishes on small plates endlessly. But it is more about sharing and bringing people together; a cultural Cypriot event. This can go on for several hours when everyone is having a great time with drinks!   This taverna is Zanettos since 1938. They served purely Cypriot Gastronomy. To know more here is their site:   Before the night ended, I had the opportunity of meeting the owner and of course, had a photo with him just like the artists and famous diners that came in this taverna. I had the photo printed and posted on “my wall” as a remembrance.   When in Cyprus get this chance to experience Meze and just get ready!


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