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Happy Easter / Happy Palm Sunday !

Happy Easter Sunday!
Today I headed to the Holy Cross Catholic Church, at the center of Nicosia for 10:30 AM Mass. Only to find out that the Roman Catholic Easter is celebrated together with the Orthodox Easter, next Sunday. So today it is Palm Sunday. The mass was in the English language attended by several foreigners residing here in Cyprus. We gathered in the garden, starting the blessing of the olive branches then a procession towards the church where the mass is held. Today’s gospel was a narration of the Lord’s Passion. Reminding us what the Lord has sacrificed to save us from our wrongdoings. As this season focuses on reflection and repentance and I truly believe that we shall continue to be mindful of all our actions all the days of our lives. Always be kind to every person you deal with and more importantly in this fast-paced world, we are entangled with so many things in our lives; we should try our very best to show prudence to our fellowmen.   Let’s say a prayer for our brethren in Sri Lanka, victims of several bombings that happened earlier. May our faith continue to grow stronger amidst the conflicts and dangers at this present time.   For more information on Cyprus Catholic churches, please visit this link:


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