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Sunshine Blogger Award

Whew! I am grateful for the second blogger nomination this year and I got two nominations for the SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD! Cheers to the blogging community for the recognition and fueling inspiration in our works.

What is the Sunshine Blogger Award?

The Sunshine Blogger Award is a peer-recognition achievement for bloggers. That is bloggers nominate other bloggers who they believe create blogs that are worth reading.

Here are the Rules!

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
  3. Nominate 11 people and ask them 11 questions.
  4. Notify the nominees by commenting on one of their posts.
  5. List the rules and display the sunshine blogger award in your post.

The First Nomination

This would not be possible without the nomination from Ricatography 101, one of the talented bloggers I’m following with. Ricatography 101, is a project blog taking you to various places in the Netherlands. The articles are well written and very insightful. We both agree that blogging is indeed evolving. We may be writing a specific niche today but let’s allow ourselves to be taken to different paths as we move along. If you haven’t come across this site well check it out for awesome content and photography!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much, Ricatography 101!

Answer to Ricatography 101’s Questions:

1.Where do you usually want to spend your vacation?

I love the beach, this is my ultimate vacation.

2. How do you spend your free time?

Reading books, gardening, blogging, playing with my pets and watching movies.

3. What is your most favourite book of all time?

Whew! This is quite difficult. Let me name my 3 favorites: 1 – The Accidental Apprentice by Vikas Swarup; 2- The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini 3 – Shadow of the Wind – Carlos Zafon. (And, I still want to name more! LOL)

4. Why do you blog?

Moving to Cyprus, having so much time on my hands, I start my blog and write about the places here.

5. If you found a 100$ bill on the street and there is no way of knowing who owns it, what will you with it?

I will buy a homeless/stranger a meal or contribute to charitable organizations anonymously.

6. What do you consider to be your greatest achievement so far?

Over time, the value of achievement depends on the phase of my life. Having completed a Master’s degree and my growing career is one of my many achievements. And now, my sense of achievement has shifted to living a simple and fulfilled life.

7. What is your favourite food?

Dumplings, all types of noodles, Lechon, paella, sushi, and seafood.

8. What kind of music do you usually listen to?

80’s, 90’s and some contemporary pop.

9. What is your favourite breakfast?


10. What new skill you would like to learn?

Fluency in Greek language.

11. If you will describe your blog in one word, what would it be?


The Second Nomination

Yay! Another celebration for the month of November, a second nomination from What Crazy L?fe! Don’t forget to visit her blog for inspiring articles dedicated to self-care, health and wellness, and family life. Thank you so much, another milestone for me! 😉

Answer to What Crazy L?fe’s Questions:

1.Who is your favorite Harry Potter Character?

Hermione Granger

2. What is your favorite book?

My favorite book is The Accidental Apprentice by Vikas Swarup. I have a blog post about my book reads, feel free to check it out!

3. Do you like to workout? If yes, what is your favorite routine?

Yes. Zumba!

4. What is your favorite blog resource?

WordPress and Canva.

5. What is your favorite food?

Dumplings, all types of noodles, Lechon, paella, sushi, and seafood.

6. Favorite time of the day? Morning? Afternoon or Night?

Afternoon and night.

7. Coffee or Tea?


8. What is the #1 thing on your bucket list?

Visit Israel.

9. Who is your favorite cartoon character?

Bugs Bunny.

10. What is your favorite book series?

Carlos Zafon’s Cemetery of Forgotten Books series.

11. What is your favorite form of self-care?

Massage and spa.

To my nominees, here are my 11 questions:

  1. Who is your favorite cartoon character?
  2. What is the worst food you have eaten?
  3. Are you a book enthusiast and who is your favorite author?
  4. What will be your wish this Christmas or for this year?
  5. What is your top 1 country on your bucket list?
  6. How do you motivate yourself when you’re feeling low?
  7. If you have to pick clothes from your wardrobe in 60 seconds, what will they be?
  8. Truth or Dare?
  9. Are you an impulse buyer of shoes, bags, clothes, gadgets, or home improvement stuffs?
  10. What is your blog about?
  11. If you have a dream article to write, what will it be?

My Nominees:

Adventure Fit For Life

Dreamer’s Chalk

Magic and Bliss

Pips Tips

Sophia Patel

Steel Snowflake

Super Sporty Dogs

Take Off With Me

The Basketball Journey

Twenties Misfits

Twins Gone Roaming

Congratulations, everyone!


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