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A Modern Library – Qatar National Library

Umm… where was the last time I’ve been to the library? A decade ago? Oh, almost, that was during my post-grad studies! And fair enough libraries are associated with school works, research works…you’re not allowed to just hang out there right? The atmosphere must be conducive to gaining knowledge.

I do read books from time to time and amidst the hectic everyday routine, I long for some peace and quiet, maybe a library! So let’s take a look on this modern library here in Doha, Qatar.

Updated from DorasInDoha FB page.

Have you been to Qatar National Library?

I’m sure this has rung a bell for you. But have you been there?

We all wanted to be there at the time of opening however it is a little bit out of the way for most of Doha residents. Located inside the education city, around Duhail, we rarely go to this area in Doha. And, with several constructions works going – traffic and diversions, it is really a decision and a planned event to get there. And I’m not sure if Siri can lead the way smoothly, hence I suggest the waze application.
I don’t intend to discourage you because IT IS ALL WORTH THE VISIT!

When I think of a library I always imagine huge, heavy wooden, brown bookshelves in rows. Then you have a separate drawer loaded with index cards on where you locate the books – classified by Dewey decimal classification. Do you still remember? If you do, I will give you an A+. Or am I sounding historic? Reminiscing back to my uni days…

I was in awe when I stepped inside – modern interiors and the marble walls! It doesn’t look like the traditional library, hues in white/cream and gray. And look at the shelves! From afar it seems like a display of vinyl records? or something else. At first glance, it is a modern and elegant library.

There are several sections of books, according to their classifications, arranged neatly on the stair steps; an area with desks and computers, very conducive for study and research. There is also a comfortable reading area, and if you feel to grab a bite – cafe and restaurants are available. It will take you more than a day to explore every section. I checked the English literature section and I saw the books that I was meaning to read for ages!

So take a trip down there, maybe the construction works are over, and with the MRT opening soon it will be very convenient. There’s an infinite resource for you to discover and learn. I’m sure there are some books that you’ve been wanting to read, you can borrow ’em! More information right here.

And it’s open on Fridays! (Friday is a weekend for Middle-east countries.)

So if you’ve been there, share your experiences!

P.S Some of the photos courtesy of Chekai and Edwina and thanks to explorer Teddy too!


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Wow amazing experiences, I haven’t been there. I love visiting libraries
while travelling, one of my favourites is Shakespeare & Co and the one
in Air-en-Provence that looks like the books..

I am a huge fan of libraries. This one looks very modern and gorgeous. The interior is very different than the libraries by me. Thanks for sharing.

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