You'll never know, till you get there...

γεια σας!


It’s 14 degrees in this mid April weather. This year sets a longer winter period. So packing up a couple weeks ago was a decision process of summer vs winter clothes. The middle east has started to welcome the summer after the sandstorm. And Cyprus weather? Oh its not so cold anymore. But knowing how my body adapts temperature changes, and right now its just Brrr! Just turned the heater an hour ago 🙂

It’s my 4th day here and I am about to set forth this so called leap, I am happy and excited. This is my 3rd visit in this beautiful country. After the second trip, I got an answer on where should I head next. And this blog is dedicated to this journey, a brand new story indeed of my life.

I will share with you my personal experiences here, you can take it as a guide, FYIs or perhaps something to entertain you.

I’ll be glad if you want to be part of this!

Carpe diem!

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