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Remembering Mom this Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

Remembering my Mom this mother’s day and to all moms who are called back by our Creator. To every woman – maternal, adoptive, aunt, guardian, nanny, grandma, godmother, teacher, mentor, and neighbor who nurtured and shaped us since birth.

Define a mother?

As we know a mother is defined in so many ways….

(Excerpts during my eulogy at Mom’s wake)

“We usually see a typical mom who cooks, does the laundry and ironing, fetches us from schools, and attends PTA meetings, makes sure that the whole household is spic and span. But my mom is not so your typical mom. Yet….”

What Mom has taught me?

  1. Going to church. That is every Sunday and novena masses on Wednesdays and Fridays. These were my earliest memories going out with Mom and I looked forward to eating out after the mass. Has anyone asked you what was your happiest childhood memory?
  1. The importance of hygiene and personal appearance. I remember shopping for new socks and undies before the school year opens. Weekly facials or shall I say skincare rituals. Mom made sure she looks really presentable as she steps out of the house. Your personal appearance shows your confidence and is also your A-game!
  2. Smile and laugh. You can never go wrong with a positive disposition. She had this classic jokes that make my friends laugh. Mom was cool and easy to be with.
  3. Make friends and never judge! Mom had so many friends from different walks in life. Many of them came to our house and Mom welcomes them like a family. And these friends she nurtured showed up till the end….because she made a difference to their lives.
  4. Live life to the fullest. All I know, Mom had the time of her life. I know there were hard times, darkest moments and so many hurdles. But she always rises above them all. Now I realized there was so much grit in her.

These are just one of the many things that Mom taught me. As I wrote about my notes on life, I realized that she made a huge impact in my life. – my perspective, my choices, how I build relationships, and standing up every fall.

It pains that I am writing about her in a past tense manner. Always life is fleeting, gone too soon.

Someone said to me: “We are on a stage that our parents are aging.”

Taking care of aging parents is a major challenge as everyone is juggling just to live every day. Most of the time they are at the back seats in our lives. Why? Because of kids, family, career and personal lives, and so on… But deep in our hearts we know that they need us. And we find comfort that they are just around in our lives.

If you’ve been away from them, how often do you visit? How often do you call?

When was the last time you spent quality time? Made an effort to do something that means a lot to them. Maybe they just want a sugar free gelato, perhaps!

But now, Mom is gone and I still talk to her every day. I hope she hears me. I hope so. But yes, I had the chance to create great memories with you, Mom. And still I have this feeling I should have done more.

Things will never ever be the same. Missing Mom is a profound feeling that I may get used to forever.

Thank you Mommy…for everything.

Thank you God for giving me, my Mom. If there is such a thing as another lifetime, I want to have the same Mom. I know I was a difficult child back then, will she have me again?!

While you can, make the best and happy memories with them. If things have gone wrong learn to let go, forgive and patch up. If you plan to do something, do it now. Because when the timer is up, it is over and sadly there are no extensions.

I have lost mom’s earthly presence but I gained a handful of moms who stood with me in tears, sorrows, and pains. Thank You to all of you! I guess Mommy still makes sure that I will be OK till we meet again.

Mom, we all celebrated your life full of wonderful memories. Please know that you have touched so many hearts. There is no way in forgetting you. We find comfort knowing that you are in a better place now.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!
Thank you, Mommy.
You are forever in my heart.

To all moms out there, cheers for that exceptional job! Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Happy Mother’s Day!


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This was such a sweet blog post. It’s so hard after losing someone. I really missed my grandmother this mother’s day as she was basically just like a mum to me. x

Hello! Things will never be the same. I miss her everyday. How could time time flies so fast?! I’m happy we have built good memories to cherish. (I just found out today that my response before was not posted). Take care! They will be in our hearts forever.

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