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Larnaka Food Fest!

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Calendar booked for this day at 1600 – Larnaka FoodFest!

I started my way from Nicosia about 1500 to Finikoudes beach strip. So, I’m ready for this feast. What’s for dinner?

Umm, let’s go for Argentina! Oh wait, Sushi or there’s Harry’s burger! And when I turned left there’s German bratwurst! Yes that and umm yes, kebab! What to drink? a pint of Carlsberg.

So this is what’s going on along Finikoudes beach. This runs till tomorrow. Head to the ticket booth and choose from 2 packages 10EUR and 20EUR. Use these tickets to exchange for food in 1, 2 ad 5 EUR denominations.

Here’s what we got:

  • German bratwurst sausage sandwich = 5 EUR
  • Kebab with bread = 2 EUR
  • Pint of Carlsberg = 3 EUR
  • Total 10 EUR

We definitely enjoyed ourselves, great food, cool crowd, and upbeat music.

This is in celebration of Europe day every 9th of May, which commemorates the founding of the European Union.

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