You'll never know, till you get there...

Ας πάμε στην Κύπρο (Let’s go to Cyprus) !

Let‘s go to Cyprus!

  • Umm.. Where is that?
  • LCA? Is that the airport?
  • Oh. I’ve been there it’s in Greece!
  • Is it safe there?
  • I’m not sure what to do there?
  • I guess we were not offered an itinerary….
  • It was just a quick stopover… we didn’t see much.

I know, I got you!

I did have the same statements as above! 😉

So I am moving on my 6th month here, plus 2 separate trips last March 2018 and December 2018. And this exactly the reason why I started this blog. The articles are my journey… and all those words, they aren’t all of it. Trust me, I wish I can put a “supercaligragelistic” (is this really a word?!) description of everything… But I can’t… Perhaps nobody does… till you get there! You know exactly what I mean!

Why visit Cyprus?

So here are some points, reasons, facts and fun facts why I am inviting you to Cyprus. Hopefully, this will change your perception and erase some “myths” and doubts!

  • Cyprus is in Europe – East Mediterranean! – Beach lovers and watersport adrenaline junkies are we on the same page?
  • Neighboring countries: Here we go! Greece – Israel- Lebanon- Egypt. I can feel your eyes start to flash right now and your travel virus is starting to hit you. You are about to check the world wide web now!
  • Cypriots are Greek Cypriots! Yes, Greek culture, Greek mythology, and legends… Do I have to say more? Umm yes, Greek food or say Cypriot food. Aha, your tastebuds are excited now.
  • Cyprus has mountains too and charming villages; get to know their people and culture. It snows in the Troodos Mountains. I’ve seen the ski slopes! Yeah, any winter plans soon? Leisure holiday or 4×4 excursions? I know you’ve come across this question.
  • Events.. a lot! Every village has its festival all across the year. August and September are wine festivals, music festivals during summer say Windcraft music festival’ Lavender, Bee or honey; Cheese, Cow festivals…etc. Depending on the known local product of each village. Also the feast of the saints, like fiesta!
  • Entertainment? Yes, concerts – opera, International Artists (by the way Celine Dion will be here next year summer!) and CATS will perform the end of December this year to 1st week of January. Of course local performers too!
  • Cypriots are hospitable! They love to show you around and most importantly they love to feed you! It’s a gastronomic trip. And don’t forget to say Στην υγειά σας (Cheers) with a shot of Zivania. (I can tell you 2 tips not to get drunk, I learned from the locals, who never got drunked!)
  • As I mentioned in my several posts, a part of Cyprus is occupied…there’s a lot of history and story. Take the border trips to Famagusta or Kyrenia or cross Ledra, occupied side… it’s just totally different out there and it kinda gets overwhelming too…
  • Who conquered Cyprus? – Assyrians, Egyptians, Persians, Romans, Byzantine, Lusignan, Ottoman Turks, Greeks, Venetians, etc and British. Whew! So for the arts, history and culture enthusiasts; indulged!
  • Cyprus has the warmest climate and winter in this part of Europe, well be the judge!
  • Cyprus is a safe country. I mean just be vigilant with your personal items where ever you go… The crime rate is very low.
  • No matter if you go solo or with a group – family, friends, colleagues; looking for religious, great adventures, just laid back and leisure travel or you may tag what type of traveler you are…there is something for you here. It can never be boring.

And there’s really more to say and but this is more than enough to spark your interest and think about this invitation.

What’s on your mind now?

If you are thinking of planning your trip, you’ll be amazed at extensive itineraries to get you here! Hence I suggest staying in Cyprus at least 2-3 days and see for yourself.

Here on Vinn’s website, check out Tours Section for suggested package itineraries and on my Instagram for photos.

So, πάμε στην Κύπρο ?!

Well, let me know what you think and see you in Cyprus!


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Hi hello! Yes this is a beautiful country. I’m looking forward to hear your travel experiences here. Tourism is set to start by middle of June with selected countries and hopefully will open doors to more travelers as the pandemic situation eases.

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