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The Blogger Recognition Award 2020

I am proud and happy to say that my blog, Vinn En Route is having a fabulous year 2020 while the whole world awaits the end of the COVID19 pandemic. This is the third peer recognition award with three nominations for The Blogger Recognition Award 2020!

First Nomination

My warmest thanks to Examine This Moment for nominating me this month, December 2020! To be honest I really didn’t see this coming and I feel so grateful. Her blog is about life’s reflections and our faith in God. Take a moment to visit her blog and dedicate yourself to take a closer look at life’s events. This will surely lead you to a new shift of perspective and a better spiritual relationship.

Second Nomination

Just a few days before saying goodbye to this year, my sincere thanks to Ricatography 101 for the second nomination! If you get the chance to read my previous blogger award posts, I have nominated this fellow blogger because I enjoy his travel articles in the Netherlands. Join him as he shares his artistically crafted project and to find out more, check his website!

Third Nomination

And wait! There’s one more from Undaunted Adventure, whom I am very honored to be part of her Blogma’s Christmas edition and included at her favorite bloggers list. Thank you so much for continuously inspiring me and hence, I strive to grow in this community. For all travel enthusiasts, please head to her website and fuel your wanderlusts with tips and hacks.

The Rules

It is of course up to the nominees what they want to do with the nomination. They have the choice not to accept it. But when they decided to accept the nomination, a response is expected. When we respond to our nomination, there are certain rules we must follow and some instructions we ought to complete. Here are the rules when responding to this particular nomination.

  1. Thank the blogger that nominated you and give a link to their site.
  2. Do a post to show your award.
  3. Give a summary of how your blog started.
  4. Give two pieces of advice for any new bloggers.
  5. Select at least 15 other bloggers for this award.
  6. Let each nominee know you’ve nominated them and give a link to your post.

The Birth of Vinn En Route

Pardon the heading since I am currently reading a Greek mythology book. LOL! Well, nothing so fancy as to the beginning of my blog. Moving to Cyprus and having so much time in my life, I decided to create a blog and write about the various places in Cyprus. It is also about me, discovering this beautiful country, culture, and traditions.

I never thought there are so many things you can do here and places worth visiting. And yes, quite an underrated tourist destination here in Europe. So if you want to know more, you can find several articles and hopefully encourage you to book a trip soon.

Slowly, my blog evolving not only about Cyprus but also about my past travels in other parts of the world. I also wrote several articles about the coronavirus pandemic, gardening and my reading journey.

It’s more than a travel blog. In fact, I just revamp the content…

Vinn En Route writes a medley of life’s journey!

My 2 Advices to Bloggers

  1. Start writing. Don’t be afraid. Pick a topic you love and passionate about or something you are interested in. Setting up a blog and all the how-tos in the world; your friendly google, customer support agents, and fellow bloggers can help you out. And don’t worry about making mistakes or having crappy posts at the beginning. Tell me, who’s a pro at day one?
  2. Grow and learn. Be a part of a community. Share and engage. Be inspired by other fellow bloggers. From there you keep on developing your blog. And the more you engage, you keep on learning and meet blogging buddies.

My 15 Nominees

Sharing with you the following bloggers who have shown dedication to their craft. They have different niches and I surely gained a lot of information, entertained and yes I am recommending them for your reads.

A Sustainably Sustainable Life

Edel Pace

Helen Debrah-Ampofo

Living Inside Suitcase

Maja’s Little Dream

Michelle’s Clutter Box

My Blog, Coffee and Camera

Older Slightly Wiser

Pieces of Liz

Share to Inspire

Soul Engrossed

The Apocalypse Daddy

The Thorough Tripper

The Twenty Percent

The Happy Reader

Congratulations to all of us! Cheers to blogging life!

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Hello Vinn,

Congratulations for this yet another well deserved nomination. I really enjoy reading your writings about Cyprus. Such a beautiful country especially when looking at it through your perspective.


Thanks so much for nominating us! Congrats on your three nominations!

That’s such great advice for new bloggers too. I’m still new to the blogging community, but I’m loving meeting people and reading new blogs 🙂

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