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Vienna in September: City break and much more!

When is the best time to travel is one of the most common FAQs. Are you avoiding the heat, the cold spell, the crowd or any other reasons? What about visiting Vienna in September? As for me I prefer travelling in Europe during September as the heat calms down and a lesser crowd. Here is how I spent my holiday in Vienna in September. Is this city break you’re looking forward to? Probably much more to expect!

Touchdown Vienna for the Second time

Coming from a toasted Mediterranean summer, and so does most of Europe felt the 2023 summer heatwave. Touchdown Vienna for the second time, welcomed me with sunny and cool breeze. Vienna in September does not require packing heavy clothes, you just need a light cardigan and a very comfortable footwear (its an average of 14000 steps per day, for me at least!) For the first time, I packed light for this 10-day trip with a carry on luggage and a personal bag only! One of my important wins after traveling for so many years!

Why I love Vienna…

My very first trip to Vienna was during the winter season, highly recommended for Winter Breaks. If you love the festive season of Christmas, this must be on your bucket list! Visiting this city again, I look forward to seeing more sights and learn more about the city. Vienna having a very efficient public transport system just draw thousands of visitors with the ease of moving from point A to B. With 17euro ticket from Monday to Monday, its unlimited ride within the city through U-Bahn (subway), Schnellbahn or S-Bahn (local train), Straßenbahn (tram) and Autobus (bus). All these places mentioned below are accessible with public transport. If you need directions just go to OBB office (transport office) and the reps are very helpful in providing you with directions. Don’t worry they speak English.

Exploring Vienna in September

Here are the places that I visited that you may want to consider on your trip. For those of you who have been here, feel free to share your experiences and tips, on the comment section below!

1. Hundertwasser House

Flocked by architecture and art enthusiasts is the Hundertwasser House designed by Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. A colorful apartment building whose design concept is human architect in harmony with nature and bright colors likewise similar to the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi’s design. Hence the quirky design makes the viewing enjoyable from the streets and capture worthy.

A souvenir shop situates adjacent the apartment and also art exhibits from Hundertwasser and around the vicinity are cafes with interesting interiors.

2. United Nations in Vienna

Curious about what UN does and their agencies? Do you want to take a glimpse of their offices and meet some of their staffs?

Vienna is one of the four headquarters of United Nations Organization (UNO) along with Geneva, New York and Nairobi. UNO staffs come from various countries of the world. Some of the agencies in Vienna office includes The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA); The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA)

Filipino Artists Exhibit at UNO Lobby

While you’re in Vienna, onsite and guided tours are available from Monday to Friday. Please make sure to bring your identification such as passport or EU identity cards and be there 15 minutes before the scheduled tour for the security screening. Here is the link for more information about the tour.

3. Alte Donau

Within the vicinity of UNO, and just walking distance is Alte Donau also known as the Old Danube in the past. It was actually a main channel of the Danube River and after the end of 1800s this section was split into a circular lake as a result of water management projects.

Today, Alte Donau is recreational park that attracts tourists and locals during the warm season. It offers water activities such as swimming and boating. There are also walking routes, cycling paths, cafes and restaurants, picnic facilities and is a venue for concerts. An excursion of this area may take a whole day or you may have an hour or so for a cup of coffee to sit and relax. Indeed one of the busy spots in Vienna in September as well.

4. 57 Lounge – Melia Vienna

Still within the vicinity, you will find the tallest building in the city; Melia Vienna, notably visible from Alte Donau. On the 57th floor is a restaurant and a lounge with amazing panoramic view of the city. Cap the day with mesmerizing view and enjoy classic cocktails with friends!

5. Belvedere Palace

Vienna’s art scene is one of the most prestigious in the world. Last time, I was awed at the Albertina museum, the largest museum of modern art in central Europe. And this time, I made sure that Belvedere Palace is on the list, famous for its Baroque architecture and houses paintings as early as the12th century. You will find masterpieces by Gustav Klimt who was a renowned painter of women and other great painters during the middle ages.

A day at the Belvedere Palace starts at the Upper Belvedere indulging with history of art collections and how Viennese art took shape in every era from 1200s to the present times. Then a walk to the palace garden, heading to Lower Belvedere which was the residential house of Prince Eugene.

A single entry ticket with access to both palaces is at Eur 19.00. Here is the link for more information.

6. Museums Quartier Vienna

Wait, there’s more museums to explore! The Museums Quartier (MQ) is one of the largest cultural center in the world with an area of 90,000 m2. It has 60 cultural institutions where historic architecture meets contemporary arts; and high culture meets subculture. The ground is free to explore with benches, restaurants and cafes. I didn’t get the chance to explore the museum in this area, but hopefully on the next trip. Leopold Museum and the mumok – the Museum of modern art will be top on my list. (Mumok is close for renovation till 2024)

For tickets and further information click this link.

7. Kahlenberg

Off towards Vienna Woods, with an elevation of about 484 meters is Kahlenberg which offers a panoramic view of the city. With clear skies you can enjoy the view while sipping coffee at the terrace. It can be windy and chilly on late afternoons, and this time, bring your jacket.

Kahlenberg is a historical site during the 17th century when Jan III SobieskiKing of Poland launched his attack on the Turkish forces and liberated Vienna. In gratitude, a St Joseph Church of Kahlenberg was built.

Fun fact; Albert Einstein and other mathematician and physicists first made plans on this mountains during the 1920s which started the publication of International Encyclopedia of Unified Science.

How to get there? Take Bus line 38A and enjoy the picturesque ride to Kahlenberg. And if you fancy a nature hike, there are trail routes that will get you to the hill.

Is there anything more?

Yes of course! Some shopping or window shopping at the 1st district where you find luxurious shops and shopping along the streets of Maria Hilfer where I’m so fond of spending my last day in Vienna. Also don’t forget to head to Primark, it is now one of my favorite stores!

Eating around Vienna, I had a yummy schnitzel at and a surprisingly a sumptuous Chinese buffet somewhere at Unter-Laaer Street.

I still have a couple of places to visit, but I got sidetracked beautifully; outside Austria. That’s keeping you on the loop for my next post.

Danke Sehr, Urlaub in Vienna in September!

P.S. Huge thanks to my beautiful host Tita Jovie and friends who showed me around Margie Wapita, Jean, Elsa and the MFC gang, Danke! Till next time.


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