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My Laid Back Summer in Pyla

One thing is so obvious is the heat is on! It’s summer all across Europe with temperatures as high as 40 degrees. What’s happening? Umm Global warming? Nevertheless, got to beat this heat rather than sulk and complain. I am enjoying my laid back summer here in Pyla!

Pyla (Greek: Πύλα; Turkish: Pile) is a village along the coast of Larnaca DistrictCyprus.  It’s about 20 km from the main Larnaka District, Finikoudes. It is situated in the eastern part of the island close to the British Sovereign base at Dekhelia and within the United Nations Buffer Zone.

This is one of the oldest villages which existed during the medieval years with a very rich history and is known for its archaeological sites. At present this is the only village in Cyprus where Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots live together. Here are some bits of Pyla’s history.

My weekends and some weekdays are a trip to this beach. It’s a thirty-five-minute drive from Nicosia. This is another touristy side of Larnaca and I find it laid back, that’s why I love it here. On a weekday, it’s almost like having your private beach!

Pyla Beach

Pyla beach

The water is clean, relatively shallow and good for swimming. Though you have 2 seabeds going up and down; farther where its blue hue is discernable is a deep area. And be careful as you enter the sea as certain areas have rocks to be avoided. Don’t worry it’s not a lot and the next thing is you can ease your way even with a blindfold.

Ok so what else is there?

  1. Pyla beach organized by CTO (Cyprus Tourism Organization) – sunbeds, facilities, massage center, beach volleyball and tennis courts, children’s playground, watersports activities with a lifeguard. Mostly crowded on a weekend.
  2. Luxurious hotels situated on the coastal strip – Golden Bay, Lordos and Sandy Beach. In the mornings I take a walk in these 3 hotels, and I can swim in the same beach area. Only that sunbeds and other facilities are for hotel guests, of course! And one thing I would like to do is try is their spa services! This strip is lined with a mix of taverns and restaurants, like Chinese, Persian and Greek Tavern, side by side. What else your palate is craving for? Name it!
  3. Lots of watersports activities – due to its windy conditions, it is best for windsurfing, kiteboarding, paragliding, jetski, and more!

How do I spend my days here?

I swim, read a good book, nap, walk and sit along the shores, and from here I can see airplanes that will be landing to Larnaca (LCA) airport and a lot of sea watching.

Doctor of Hunger Food Truck

When you need to grab a bite, no one beats Doctor of Hunger down the road. Great sandwiches – different kinds of meat, cheeses, veggies, and some fries. The best cure for a hungry fellow!

Or have a souvlaki picnic!

So, yes I am quite a laid back person and I’m pretty sure you may want some action or more sceneries while you are here…

Check this article for you to explore the village of Pyla and visit their points of interest.

And you can add Pyla to your list when you are in Larnaka!


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