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My Notes on Life…

Hi All, so I am deviating from a travel article for a personal note as inspired by Wheelescapades (gem…keep on writing as you inspire people). Sometimes I just need to pause and take a look back. So, here are my notes on life….

  • Be thankful every day. For so many things – life, health, comfort, laughter, the people around you, getting through each day and of course a nice sleep. There are just so many things, most of them are unnoticed, so be thankful.
  • Build and nurture relationships. A real one. Technology makes it easy to bridge those who are far apart but it also minimizes the quality time for those who are within your reach. We know who are these people in our life – family, guardians, loved ones, friends, mentors, business partners, etc. Days are turning so fast…don’t allow good relationships to rot. But if it’s so toxic, just leave.
  • Take care of the elders. Our grandparents, parents, guardians or elderly friends. The cycle of life… Someone took care of us at the time of birth, “they” too were undergoing a process of adulthood. And that’s you and me now, in the process of adulthood, it should not be an excuse. They need our care now. Spend time, see or talk to them more often, in any way you can. Not when it’s too late.
  • Forgive and let go. Some people have done wrong or made us feel so bad and left a considerable scar. But we can’t go on leaving with hatred. At some point, we have to let go and forgive. Just remember, what comes around, comes around. And karma is a bitch! And maybe, we too have done something wrong to someone… Who are we, not to let go and forgive? Over time, it heals when you allow it.
  • The past and circumstances don’t change. Accept them and live our lives. If we stop living because of the past, we will miss a lifetime. If we can’t turn around circumstances, it’s up to us. We are responsible for our lives. Don’t blame anyone for our choices.
  • Happiness is a constant decision (by Chicken soup for the soul). Yes, no matter what we are going through…
  • Carpe Diem. Life is uncertain. Time is limited. Life is fleeting. Make the most of the “present” life. Do the things that make us happy. Treasure what we have now…don’t wait for tomorrow.
Teleferik in Fira, Santorini
  • Just travel. Local or international. The next town? It doesn’t matter. See the world, meet new people, learn culture and history, eat exciting dishes, and understand the world better and yourself too! Every year I visit new places.
My book reading list.
  • Read. As much as we can…newspaper, paperbacks, mags, whatever articles. It sharpens our memory, like an exercise of our brain cells. Keep on learning! Currently reading Carlos Zafon’s, Shadow of the Wind.
  • Write. It helps. It will inspire you and others. Our creativity will be challenged. Some say I want to write but I don’t know how to start. Grab a pen and paper. Oh, wait, open your notepad and start from there. That’s what I did! And I’m here. My previous posts are so crappy but I keep on learning! Cheers to Vinn En Route!
  • Be kind. Be prudent. Amidst the smile and laughter, we don’t know what one is going through at any moment. We don’t know who we meet along the way, they may be the ones who can pull us up when we are on the edge. We just don’t know…this makes a whole lot difference!
  • Give. Pay forward in any way we can.
  • Be diligent, trustworthy, and honest. At the end of the day, it’s not about position or educational attainment. It is our character. Great business deals start with good characters. Or somebody hand in an opportunity of your life because of your character! It can be anyone but it is YOU!
  • Manage finances wisely. I believe it is just simple math – addition and subtraction. This should not ruin anyone’s life or relationships at all! There is no actual money tree, get moving and start earning.
  • Have a pet. I have 2 beautiful dogs in my life. They make me so happy every day. I think they think they are humans too, and I often wonder if I could dissect how their brains work. I want to study dog psychology or maybe call Cesar Millan?! So have a pet – cat, bird, guinea pig, chipmunks and no, no hyenas!
My 2 crazy dogs!
  • Health first. Exercise. My doctor said give at least 30 minutes for yourself every day. Eat a good ratio of food. (as much as I can). I believe in annual check-ups. Please get blood work once a year. Dental care is a must. See your dentist ideally twice a year, for prophylaxis and check-up. Some diseases are caused by bad dental condition. (Now, dentists will love me for this!) And some diseases are caused by a lack of vitamins and minerals. Our bodies are like machines, they need preventive maintenance. Don’t wait for breakdowns…do you have a spare?
  • Eat. Oh, this will contradict a little bit of what I just said. But sometimes, food is what makes life. Just eat in reasonable quantities. I can crave for sweets, or sushi, or Chinese food, McDonald’s, etc. Why not?! it’s not every day! I feel I sound a little bit defensive ;).
Well, cakes! From my hometown - Marisse Patisserie Shop
Yummy cakes at Marisse Patisserie Shop
  • SPACE is important. We need space. Away from the usual routine, people around us…like I want to be alone or do things by myself. Sometimes. “ME time”. So, other people too. There is nothing wrong with it. It is revitalizing to your energy and soul.
  • “In life, you get what you negotiate, not what you deserve”. (Vikas Swarup, novel – “The Accidental Apprentice“). This is a good read – funny and practical. Just look back in your life. You will know why. Correct?
  • Life has its timing. It’s different for me and you. Situations are just temporary and whatever they are now, there are reasons. Sometimes it sucks and you hate it. But once overcome, you realize it was the doze you need to keep going.
  • Be Positive. Smile and laugh more. Be surrounded by positive people and good things. Don’t let one bad thing destroy your day. Have a bright aura that transcends to every person around you.
  • Life is tough. Deal with it! Just breathe, be resilient and remain hopeful. If the system is too bad, then get out of it. Who says you don’t have a choice? There is! But it is just tough! Remember things will always change, just believe.
  • Cleanliness. Your hygiene and surroundings. Make sure the energy is flowing effortlessly and positively. This also avoids diseases.
  • Skincare is a must. Yes, seriously. Don’t sleep with your make-up. Wash your face; apply toner and cream – organic or not, make sure they are compatible with your skin’s acidity. Always hydrate and sleep well. Trust me, my mom is a testament, she is almost 70 years old.
  • Must-haves pairs of shoes. Classy heels, black and nude colors, summer flats, functional, comfortable, training shoes, classic converse sneakers, winter boots. Oh, that’s a lot! I’m guilty. But I am not Imelda Marcos!
Shoe collection of Imelda Marcos (Former First Lady of Republic of the Philippines). Photo courtesy of ABC news.
  • Dates with girlfriends is a must. For the soul and well being. Especially with crazy girlfriends, it’s therapeutic!
  • Social etiquette is very important. Unless you are living in a no man’s island!
  • Manage people’s opinions about you. You can’t shut them down. You can’t tell your brain not to send signals of emotions when you hear them. Just manage how you feel about it. But should never destroy you.
  • Expectations? Keep it less! Well, no expectation is just cliche, yes you have because they can’t be turned off. Our expectations are different from one another. The way I see it is that the amount of effort does not always equate to your desired expectation. Hence, if you want something, speak and be heard!
  • Live simply. Keep stress to a minimum. Evaluate your choices. Maybe you don’t need what others need. Does social media affect your way of life? Let’s evaluate!
  • Respect others. And also their time, resources, religion, opinion, etc.
  • Patience is a virtue. Yes, I can wait in line. Sometimes I just let people in a hurry overtake me. I seldom get mad. I can wait in traffic. Yes, my patience has been stretched.
  • To err is human. Not so good decisions and so on. Get up and move on. But don’t make the same mistakes again.
Surfing in Siargao, Philippines
  • Break routines. Do something new. Watch the opera. Cook a french cuisine. Rearrange your furniture. Movie night on a Monday. Go trekking, sky diving, surfing, Anything!
  • Send greeting cards by post mail. Who does this these days? Your loved ones will be surprised! Just think when was the last time you receive something by post mail. A letter, not bills! Also, one way to support your crafty friends!
  • Love yourself. Yes, before you can love or devote your time to someone. It is not selfishness. Because if you can’t love yourself, how can you commit to lifelong relationships? And be the best person you can be.
  • Manage the hormones. They tend to create so many voices within us. Make us worry and be depress for nothing. Don’t listen. Just eat ice cream or go out dancing!
  • Pray and have faith. Miracles do happen. In most cases, this bails us out, unexpectedly. And pray for everyone too!

Life is always en route…I choose not to get stuck. I choose a life filled with laughter and just easy going. Nothing is certain, but let me put this way it is full of surprises!

These are my notes on life. By the way that’s 38 bullet points!

Carpe Diem!


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Thank you Fe! A practical guide of our lives. Mostly applies to everyone but each of us have our own ways. What’s important is a happy and peaceful life. Thanks for dropping by!

Hello Chekai! Well, this post was inspired by one of the bloggers. Looking forward to your thoughts. You’ve got so much to tell to the world and I am certain that you can inspire anyone out there. Thank you!

Phewww, that was long. ? But if I may add: Believe in something bigger than yourself: animal rights or the environment or the fight against any form of child abuse especially child pornography and child hunger come easily to mind. We should live our life fighting for something.

Hi Araceli, I absolutely agree with you. Life is about living what you are passionate about. At the end of this so-called earthly journey it is worthy to know that we have taken actions to what we believe in. Just no regrets or less regrets perhaps! Thanks for taking the time to read!

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