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Kakopetria Sweet Spoon Festival

The sweetest festival in Cyprus – Glyko Tu Kutalyu or the Sweet Spoon is one of the popular festivals in Kakopetria Village, situated in Solea Valley in Troodos Mountains.

This is the 3rd year organized by Kakopetria’s city council last 29th September 2019.

You get to taste a variety of almost 50 fruit or nut sweets, preserved in a jar. These recipes are traditionally made by γιαγιά (grandmom); handed down from generation to generation.

So if you’ve got a sweet tooth, what are you waiting for?!

More often after your meal in a taverna, you are served with a yogurt and on top a spoonful of these sweets!

As for me, I used them as my star ingredients in my traditional Christmas cake. I soaked them in brandy for several weeks before baking!

Driving to the mountain mid-morning will give you the advantage to find parking space and you can leave earlier in the afternoon with less traffic!

So what else is there?

A Cypriot Traditional Dance Presentation

You will enjoy your day, strolling around the village and you go over the stalls for a free tasting. There is music around the village; bazaar of traditional goodies, free shot of Zivania (a Cyprus punch at 40%+ alcohol content) and Cypriot entertainment – songs and dances.

You will never get hungry as all restaurants are open and the aroma of food just takes you there!

It is souvla (grilled meat) everywhere and experience the taste of Cypriot cuisine.

This event draws thousands of people to enjoy and relax in this beautiful village.

And you can bring your pet too! That’s our white dog socializing with another pet.

Lastly don’t forget to buy a sweet jar! I got a walnut sweet.

The end of September is usually the date set for this event.

Due to COVID 19, festivities are cancelled this year 2020. So see you by 2021 then!

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