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Cyprus Famous Landmark: Cape Greco

Geai Sas! Hello! If you have been following my blog articles I have taken you to various places in Cyprus. Most of them are kind of, off the beaten path or not so popular. In this article, I am taking you to one of Cyprus famous landmark, Cape Greco! Hold on for this adventure! Ready?!

Every traveler planning for a holiday has an instinct to search for the best or famous places to go. Cape Greco is one of the top places here in Cyprus! And if you check the souvenirs, there is always a fridge magnet of this landmark.

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Where is Cape Greco?

Cape Greco – GPS Coordinates 34.9639° N, 34.0842° E

Cape Greco Peninsula is a headland surrounded by waters – rocky shores, breaking waves, and steep cliffs in the southeastern part of Cyprus. Looking at the map, it is between Agia Napa and Protaras where both municipalities are known to many tourists as party places with the best resorts and beaches. It belongs Agia Napa municipality and Famagusta District, where it shares the southern end of Famagusta Bay.

I remember during our trip in occupied Cyprus -Famagusta, as we drive through Dipkarpaz Region, it has exactly the same enticing waters. On the opposite side, facing further above of the island, on the occupied areas, lies the Monastery of Apostolos Andreas, surrounding the same waters. Click through the article below.

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Why is Cape Greco a famous landmark in Cyprus?

The rock formations and glistening turquoise waters serve as an invitation to every traveler to see this part of Cyprus. Looking for adventure? This is definitely the place to go! Rocky nature hikes, cliff diving, sea caves explorations, and safaris, YES, right here!

But if you are a laid back person (like me!), just enjoy the grandeur scenery and the paradise beach near the cape. I will take you there shortly.

Legends in Cape Greco

Of course, almost every place has mythical origins here in Cyprus or urban legends anywhere in the world! Are you interested to hear it?

A sea monster may have lived around Cape Greco, it resembles a giant crocodile or sea serpent. Locals named this creature as “O filikos terras” which means “the friendly monster”. It doesn’t harm anyone but only destroys the fisherman’s nets. There were stories of sightings but up to this day, there is no evidence.

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Points of Interest

1. Cape Greko National Forest Park

A protected and conservation area in Cape Greco, a Natura 2000 site with an area of 385 hectares. Home to indigenous flora and fauna species. Now with a lower vegetation, it is home to several mammals such as foxes, hares, and hedgehogs; reptiles such as snakes and lizards, and migratory birds; one of which is the Cyprus wheatearOenanthe cypriaca’, a migrating bird that breeds on the island.

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In this park, you can find nature walking trails, cycling paths, picnic areas, and benches where you can admire the spectacular view of the sea from the cliff. The hiking trails can be completed from 45 minutes to 90 minutes. It has easy slopes, suitable for any age and fitness levels.

One of the famous trails is the two kilometers Aphrodite Nature Trail that runs through the southeast coast of the Cape Greko a part of the Aphrodite Cultural Route that links the birth of Ancient Greek Goddess in the island of Cyprus.

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The best season to discover and enjoy the nature trails are during autumn, winter, and spring seasons with a favorable weather.

Agio Anarygyroi

2. Agio Anarygyroi

An orthodox church built on the edge of the vertical cliff, facing the sea and near to the path of the preserved park. It sits on the top of the caves with openings just a few meters up from the sea level.

The white and blue colors of the church and the backdrop of the blue sea is a very striking feature, similar to the island of Santorini, Greece.

Well, this spot is an absolute picture perfect moment!

Kamara Tou Koraka (Love Bridge) in Agia Napa (Photo from

3. Bridge of Love

The bridge of Koraka, also popularly known as the bridge of love is one of nature’s stunning creations, it took millions of years of rock deformations to form this bridge. You can find this along the road to the Agio Anarygyroi and part of the sea caves’ natural path.

However, the foundations of the bridge are degrading and not in good condition. It is concerning that a violent wind or rainstorm can cause destruction and just fall off to the sea. It will never be the same again, no matter how they attempt to copy it. The Department of Forest has fenced it and an excavator is trying to build a water channel to divert the waters from the foundation. Hope this method works.

Agio Anarygroi and Koraka bridge are one of the photoshoot venues for engagement and weddings on this island and indeed Cyprus is a wedding destination!

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Sea Caves in Agia Napa
Agia Napa Sea Caves

4. Sea Caves

From the eastern part of Agia Napa and towards Cape Greco, there is a stretch of sea caves, accessible only by boat. During our visit, traveling by car, I hardly get any glimpse of the cave. The caves can go as deep as 80 meters into the rock.

So, if you are up for some adrenaline rush, you can explore the caves, swim, and cliff diving at your own risk!

Now, you know this famous Cyprus famous landmark, Cape Greco has so much to offer during your visit! It is best to plan out how you can maximize your time during your holiday!

Konnos Beach!

5. Konnos Beach!

Yes, here we are, save the best for last! What a great place to culminate your trip in Cape Greco to one of the best beaches in Cyprus – turquoise blue and calm waters with fine sand. It is my best dip in mild September weather before I say goodbye to summer 2020!

A 200 meter beach strip equipped with facilities and lifeguard services. Bays are provided to anchor boats and you can enjoy many water sports activities. The road going to Konnos beach is very narrow, it is advisable to come earlier and find a good parking spot. You can access the beach near the church of Agioi Anarygyroi but only land rover vehicles, due to rocky and steep terrains.

Our timing was quite late, and we end up parking farther up the hill. A considerable downward walk to the beach, but returning back we have to stop to catch our breath! But it was all worth it!

My Story

Ready to plunge!

We stayed at Konnos Bay cafe instead of going to the shoreline. There is access to the waters, going through a bridge and prepare to jump from the plank! And that, I miscalculated…. Good thing the water isn’t deep, but while at sea, I keep on analyzing how to redeem myself back up. I prayed for my husband that he will look down from the cafe and I will wave for him to rescue me. But he was busy with tiktok… So, I tried to swim towards the shore instead but I got scared it will go deep. I’m not really a swimmer by the way. Anyhow, I decided to enjoy myself and see what happens later…

Time to go up, I’m hungry! Inspect the rocks near the plank, because I surrendered that’s the only way. Good thing locals helped me going up by demonstrating where to step and just hug the rocks with all your might! Whew!

View from Konnos Cafe

Konnos Bay Cafe is a recommended chill place overlooking Konnos bay, covered with pine trees. The menu offers burgers and sandwiches. The cafe is operated by a high-end hotel nearby – Grecian Park Hotel. Friendly staff, fast service, and more importantly staff makes sure that every customer follows the two-meter distancing!

6. Lastly explore Agia Napa!

Beaches, resorts, churches, museums, historical monuments such as the Aqueduct, Tombs of Makronissos, and the Farmhouse; the nightlife and so many things to do. Click Agia Napa municipality portal for more information.

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Getting Around Cape Greco

  • By Car. With our car, driving from Nicosia is about 90 minutes, passing through the A3 expressway. The only disadvantaege with inland driving is you will not be able to see the caves and other parts that need 4×4 vehicles. Though there is ample parking space.
  • Book Tours. To explore more of Cape Greco, and especially visiting sea caves, it is recommended to book for tours – safaris or boat tours. You may find from this link, I love Agia Napa on what works during your trip as there are so many options.

Winter caves excursion is organized by Trackers Excursion Jeep Safaris in 4×4 vehicles. Find out more here.

    Is this article tempting you to visit Cyprus Famous Landmark, Cape Greco?

    Final Thoughts

    I’m always at awe with the places I visited around Cyprus. Especially here at Cape Greco, the grandeur of nature is beyond words. Stunning, magnificent or grand are not enough to describe once you are here.

    Will I visit again Cape Greco? Absolutely! This time going boat tours and see the caves from afar or go to the caves if I can. And I will enjoy the waters at Konnos beach again, and yes, I will jump to that plank again!

    Who’s with me? Then let’s go!

    What most likely will you do in Cape Greco?

    Feel free to share your thoughts and similar funny story on one of your trips!


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    What a beautiful place! My great uncle lived in Cyprus for many years when I was a little girl. He was a monk in the Catholic Church. I would love to visit someday. Thanks for sharing the beauty.

    Wow that’s good to know! A reason for you to visit Cyprus soon. Do you happen to know which monastery he stayed? I also love to visit monasteries, usually Orthodox, I haven’t been to a Catholic monastery here.

    Definitely inviting waters, a beach dip is a must. Yes, I heard also about the sea caves of Algarve. One of the reasons to explore. Thanks for checking this out 😉

    Your photos make the place look beautiful. Did the colour of the sea stop you from seeing how deep it was when you accidentally fell in? As you said you were concerned about swimming to find another way up due to not knowing how deep it might get

    The waters just below the plank is not deep, though I really didn’t consider how its gonna be a few meters further. I was just so thrilled to get into the water!

    I would love to visit Cyprus one day & Cape Greco looks like a beautiful place to visit! I love the photos but it does seem a bit scary when you accidentally fell in the water. Thank you!

    Hi Karalee, you will surely enjoy your holiday here! Yes, it wasn’t scary that’s why I didn’t panic. 😉 When you have the time check out my other articles about Cyprus.

    Wow! Cape Greco sounds phenomenal – your posts always make me want to hop on a plane to Cyprus! Agia Napa sounds so interesting – I’ll definitely be adding it to my bucket list!

    Hello! Glad to be a part of #travelblogtuesday! There are so many beautiful places here in Cyprus. I have also featured villages on my blog, take time to discover them through my blog. Thank you!

    Oh, I absolutely love sea caves! The beauty and mystery of them really draw me to them. This excursion would definitely be the first activity I pursue in Cape Creco before settling in to enjoy lazy beach days.

    A TikTok video of you trying to get your husband’s attention while struggling in the sea sounds in order to me ?

    Hi Allegra, you will enjoy your 1 week stay here. Most of the travelers around EU usually stay here at least 2 weeks! There are several options on how you can spend your relaxing holiday here. Just let me know if you have questions. Thank you!

    Wow! Cape Greco is so beautiful! The Bridge of love is really cute, I hope the foundations don’t get too damaged. The Sea Caves sound awesome- I went to some caves in Mallorca and they were stunning!

    Eve x

    Plan your holiday and make the most of your visit to Agia Napa and other cities in Cyprus too! Can’t wait to hear about your holiday 😉

    Such gorgeous pictures, Vinn, Cyprus is definitely top of my holiday list when we can travel safely again. Cape Greco is somewhere I’ve never been but the sea caves and the Love Bridge look like absolute must sees – thank you for sharing your travels with us 🙂

    Thanks Lisa! We are all waiting for the green light to go abroad. Though some have already started their holiday. But we can still wait. Next year perhaps?!

    You are welcome Sue! I’m sure there will be a lot of things you will be curious with related to science, like the rock formations 😉

    What beautiful water! I love water that is pure because it is clean naturally. One of the best things about traveling is the freedom to do what works for you and also the opportunity to experience the stories connected to a place.
    Thank you for sharing how you experienced Cape Greco; I hope one day I can come and have my own story to share!

    Paradise on the Earth! This place is magnificent and photos – stunning! I hope to visit Cape Greco one day, and who knows, maybe meet that friendly monster, haha! 😉

    Hello! Please don’t forget to say hi to the friendly sea monster from me! 😉 yes truly one of the beautiful places to visit. thanks!

    Certainly a great place to chill out. However we are currently under lockdown and with the winter season, it’s chilly out there. Thanks for dropping by 😉

    I can see why it’s Cyprus most famous landmark. Stunning. It’s a shame the bridge of love is now deemed dangerous, those land bridges are amazing. Great guide.

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